Tuesday, 25 May 2010

We've arrived....

After a gruelling eighteen hour trip we are in the U.S.A! Currently on an AMAZING bus with wifi and air conditioning, which is much appreciated after a sticky flight, so we thought we'd update you on how all the team are feeling with a quick on-the-spot quote:

Miss Brady: "My ankles have tripled in size"
Miss Meleschko: "I think I just saw someone famous"
Mr. Gilbert "Grump"
Jessica: "I want a shower and to clean my teeth"
Lauren: "I don't know what to say... I'm too tired"
Gabriel: "Eighteen hours and my cap is still just at the right angle"
Jakeb: "I think I can smell fast food"
Bradley is silently living the American dream with his blue shades
Kirsty Briggs: "I like the accent, don't you?"
Kirsty Blake: "Tired. Excited." (Come on Kirsty you can do better than that).

We're expecting to arrive in Knoxville some time in the next 4 hours, so we'll check in soon!

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