Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Day One

After making their own waffles for breakfast (which went surprisingly well until Jess melted her plate) the team set off to explore Knoxville. Silly photographs and baking sunshine made for an entertaining morning. Market Square is particularly beautiful and the team enjoyed browsing shops and drinking strawberry lemonade on the terraces.

After a quick exploration we headed to the convention centre for a look around and a D.I. lunch before joining in the extravaganza that is PIN TRADING. I cannot even describe how obsessed everybody is (including our team) with pin trading. It basically involves trying to collect as many different coloured pins from as many different countries and contestants as possible. With over 14,000 people here, it could take a while - the organisers predict that there will be 700,000 pins traded this week.

The team had a little paddle in the park before joining in with a pep rally in the afternoon, then ice creams and a tropical rainstorm! We've just left the team getting ready for the Opening Ceremony tonight and mingling with another team from Washington. After what is due to be a spectacular Opening Ceremony we meet our buddy team from Kentucky and then prepare for a rehearsal tomorrow.

We'll check in again soon.

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