Friday, 28 May 2010

30 minutes to go..

Although it is 7.30pm in the UK it is only 2.30pm over here... and at 3pm, we are leaving the hotel to walk down to the theatre ready for our performance at 5, so the team are currently in their rooms putting the finishing touches on make-up and costumes and scenery.

Last night they enjoyed a meal in the market square and then hung out with their buddy team for a while. Their buddy team are also coming to the theatre with them to watch them perform and cheer them on.

No more to say for now! The heat is on and there are lots of butterflies in tummies. We just telephoned their room to remind them about passes... and were greeted with "THANKS, BUT WE NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK, BYE!". It's clearly feverishly busy up there. Thanks for your messages of support yesterday, we will pass them all on just before they perform to give them that little boost!

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