Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Day of Rehearsals...

The kids have all worked really hard today. This morning they worked from 9.45 to 11.30 to get all their props together and check they remembered their lines. We then went shopping for Tennessee souvenirs on the University strip and had lunch and pin trading.

After lunch we stopped by the theatre to view some of the competition. I think the team were a little bit intimidated by the quality of some of the American solutions; they have the advantage of being able to bring huge flashy sets by road. Unfortunately we can't really check something of that size onto the aeroplane as hand luggage - we will have to rely on their personalities and energy to carry the performance!

They were briefly a little bit down about this, but they gradually reenergised and the positive outcome is that the kids are now really motivated to want to make their performance better, so they headed to their hotel rooms to beaver away on props and costumes and rehearsals AGAIN. We are shortly going to meet them, and give them the evening off. I think we're talking about going for a meal in the market square - now that the sun is shining again after a brief rain storm - as a reward for all of their hard work today.

It's been a little rollercoaster for them all, but it is ending positively. Wish us luck for the performance tomorrow!!!


  1. Wishing you every success for tomorrow. Not having sets delivered must be a worry but is not a problem at all. How about showing use of Twitter as a communication tool for collaboration and communication between people all over the World?

  2. BTW We are all following you at @bradfordacademy on Twitter. Can give you access to this account to help you collaborate if you need.

  3. good luck all of you for tommorow , all you can do is do your best we are all proud of you no matter what , you have all done well to come this far , go team B.A.D.I , and a big hug for my daughter kirsty blake dont worry love you will be fine love you xxxxxxxxx

  4. Good Luck tem B.A.D.I.,Were so proud of you to come this far at your age, keep up the good work love to my Grandaughter Kirsty Briggs and all the team and staff

  5. good luck to all the badi team we are all so proud of you dont worry just do your best good luck kirsty briggs from mum and dad we love you and are very proud of you

  6. Good Luck!
    Youve Done So Well.