Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony was brilliant! The team joined with another from the UK and paraded around a packed arena in front of thousands and thousands of people, sang the national anthem and enjoyed a spectacular firework display.

It was followed by the international party where we met our buddy team from Kentucky - who are lovely. The kids are getting on with them really well, and some particularly interesting conversations have sprung up. Including:

"Do you have Easter in America?"
"Is Barack Obama your king?"
"Does Kentucky fried chicken come from Kentucky, and did that guy with the beard really exist?"

Bed now ready for rehearsals tomorrow.


  1. we watched the opening ceremony on the global finals home page it looked fantastic ,we saw my kirsty and the rest of the di team with there england flag , glad you are all having a fantastic time over there ,the kids must be buzzing , good luck for friday and saturday in the competition [ and i bet it was my kirsty who thougt barack obama was king haha it would be just like her ] love u kirsty x

  2. we watched the opening ceromony on the live web feed and was able to spot my daughter kirsty briggs and the rest of the team looks like it was a amazing night good luck on your competion days do us all proud love you kirsty