Saturday, 29 May 2010

We were so so proud of the team yesterday. Their performance was really good - the audience laughed in all the right places and one of the appraisers was in HYSTERICS! They absolutely pulled it out of the bag and did one of their best performances to date, and we were delighted with them.

They will leave America feeling they did themselves justice, and that is all we could ask of them. Beyond that, the highlights of their trip wont just be performing on stage in front of a full auditorium, but the independence and maturity they've displayed throughout, the friends they've made (especially their buddy team from Kentucky who they waved an emotional goodbye to this morning) and the way they've learnt to work together and value each other.... and the way that they managed to cram themselves into a London taxi with 12 other competitors and drive around downtown Knoxville!!

Their instant challenge is this morning at 10am, and then we are going to watch the other British team compete this afternoon before enjoying our final night in the states.

Well done team! You were fabulous!


  1. well done to all. ken - newcastle

  2. well to the badi team we knew you could do us all proud the comments off the judges sound great love and miss you kirsty briggs im so proud of you